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Our award-winning FuseFinder app just got better

Check out the updated user interface and additional methods for identifying products. Finding the right Bussmann series fuse has never been easier.

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Code changes based on the 2020 NEC

Download this technical handbook that highlights the 2020 NEC Code changes that pertain to circuit protection.

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Looking for a panelboard that saves space and provides superior protection?

The Quik-Spec Coordination Panelboard requires up to 40% less space than traditional fusible panelboards, and the same space as a breaker panelboard – but provides up to 200 kA SCCR

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Have you heard?

The Bussmann series Compact Circuit Protector for Class CC fuses won GOLD Product of the Year. #PowerOfSpace


Eaton develops and manufactures critical circuit protection, power management and electrical safety products designed to provide innovative circuit and power electronics protection, serving the commercial, data center, electrical vehicle, food and beverage, and other markets.

Bussmann series CCP2 fused switch application note no. 7038 Fuseology handbook no. 10757

The Power of Space>

Compact Circuit Protector application note shows you how to gain space and enhanced circuit protection in your next design.

Bussmann new product announcement image

Let's talk>

Don't miss out. Register for monthly electrical e-newsletters that highlight new fusible products, tools, promotions and solutions from Eaton.

Bussmann series Power of Space CUBEFuse brochure no. 10820

The Power of Space>

Compact Circuit Protector brochure shows you the features and benefits the CCP offers for saving space and enhancing circuit protection in your next design.   


New, 2018 full line catalog>

Now with 440 pages, including the new, next generation Compact Circuit Protector with front and side rotary versions and multi-wire lug kits.

Available for download as a complete PDF or by product sections.

Bussmann Fuseology handbook no. 10757

Fuseology handbook>

The study of overcurrent protection fundamentals covering fuses and their application for protecting people, equipment and property.


New Fuse Selector Tool>

Find your branch circuit, supplemental or PV fuse based on search criteria. The results link to details on product pages.


New XL60 Supercapacitors>

XL60 Series Supercapacitors Offer Long Life Storage for Transportation, Lighting, Industrial and Power Grid Applications

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