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GUV Disinfecting Solutions

We have an opportunity to make a difference in a world that is adjusting to a new normal. 

Get educated and learn about GUV technology and how it kills bacteria and inactivates viruses empowering health and safety around the world.

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We’ve Got Something Exciting Coming

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Trellix Locate

Real-Time Location System

A Powerful Solution to Today's Challenges.

Unlock the power of RTLS

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Accelerated growth starts here.

MarketPro offers ready-to-ship best selling products your customers will come back for again and again.


At Cooper Lighting Solutions, we build forward-thinking lighting solutions that make people’s lives safer, while making buildings, homes and cities smarter and more sustainable. We deliver an industry-leading portfolio of indoor and outdoor lighting, lighting controls and smart lighting systems.

We question, we seek and we solve. Because building a better world means asking tough questions and pushing harder for answers. Together with our customers, we create solutions that build a better world. At Cooper Lighting Solutions, we push past the ordinary to build brighter.

Cooper Lighting Solutions is a business unit of Signify, the world leader in lighting.  Together we have a shared purpose to unlock the extraordinary potential of light for brighter lives and a better world.


Connected Systems >

Simplified connected lighting solutions for Buildings, Communities and Homes



Visit our Video Gallery for a wide variety of informative and entertaining videos of our newest production innovations.


Lighting Stories>

Interactive and inspiring content introducing you to our latest products and promotions.


The Lighting Energy Experts>

Cooper Lighting offers the broadest range of qualified energy products in the North American lighting market.

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